Inspiration For Benjamin Roe

A Little About Myself And My Process For Starting Benjamin Roe


Hello! My name is Greg Monette and I started Benjamin Roe at the end of 2016 as a remembrance to my father who passed away from heart disease when I was 26.


Starting a business has always been a lifetime dream of mine, with my first real attempt starting in High School. I had a friend who would always say working for oneself was the ultimate dream. You wouldn't have to answer to anyone but yourself. Your success or failure was in your hands.


So I went ahead and gave it a shot. After reading a million articles on types of businesses to start, I decided on drop shipping. If you haven't head of drop shipping, it's where you sell a product that you do not physically own. Once the product is sold, it is then shipped to the customer directly from the manufacturer. I found a site with a database of manufacturers, researched which items had good profits on Ebay, and got started. Surprisingly, it was a hit! I was selling hundreds of dollars worth of product every week without having any overhead to speak of. It was so easy I was surprised more people didn't do it. I was only 15 at the time.

Unfortunately, people started catching on, profits started falling, and Ebay/Paypal put the final nail in the coffin by updating their drop shipping policies. Discouraged, I shut down the operation and ended up getting a normal job like everyone else. Never the less, the idea was implanted and I couldn't go back. Someday I would attempt self-employment again. 


Fast forward 5 years and I was on to my next greatest idea. This time I'll get famous with music. Throughout my teenage years I thought what could be cooler than making big in music and living like a rock star. Over the course of a year or so I put together enough songs and material to record an EP. I wrote the majority of all the guitar, drum, lyric, and melody parts. With this material in hand I headed to the studio and got recording. With the help of some former band mates and friends I was able to accomplish what I had originally thought was impossible.

The result was a punk rock band called Terrace Avenue. Unfortunately, after a short stint the band I put together would eventually fell apart and my dream with it. You can still find our music on Itunes to this day. This marked the closing of that chapter in my life.



Fast forward a few more years to 2013, and I was graduating from the University of Houston - Victoria. It was around this time that my father started to get sick. He was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years prior, but now it was starting to affect his whole body. It was in 2014 that he had his first known heart attack and was put on dialysis for kidney failure. This was a life changer for me. At first you try to pretend everything is okay, but it was serious. He was very sick and only a transplant would save him. Unfortunately, he passed away before he was able to receive one.


I dont want to dwell to much on my father passing, but I will say I was extremely fortunate to have him as a father. He was one of those DIYers before the term was even coined. He really enjoyed tinkering with items and learning how things worked. Oh course no job could be completed without the help of a helper. That's where I came in. He would have me involved in just about every project he was working on. Granted, I wish I had paid attention more when I was younger; I was still able to learn a lot of different skills.

Working alongside my father, I was able to create a set of values and to take pride in the work I was doing. If I had never been helper for him all those years ago, I highly doubt I would be here today with my own business.