Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

What is better than reducing and recycling? Reusing! At Benjamin Roe we take lowering our footprint to a whole other level. You can even use our ideas for yourself at home!


Our amber candle jars are one of the easiest containers we have to reuse. Customers routinely bring us their old jars to which we clean and reuse. Cleaning old candle jars is quick easy to do!


Here is how we clean ours:

Step 1

Gather all your old candle jars, take off the lids, and heat your oven to 225 degrees.


Step 2

Grab a oven tray and place a sheet of aluminum foil down inside of it. Make sure to fold it up at the ends, so the wax won't spill into the tray. This will save you from a lot of cleaning up.

Foil on pan

Step 3

Place all the candles upside down on the tray and put them in the oven. Give it a couple of minutes and all the wax will melt out from the bottom of the jars.

Empty Candle Jars on Pan

Step 4

Take the tray out and place the jars on a paper towel. Remember to be careful and use mitts. The jars will be very hot!

Candles Cooling

Step 5

Once they have cooled off, place them in a sink full of warm soapy water. Our labels will peel off easily once they have warmed up. Scrub off the glue left on the glass with a scrubber then let dry.

Washing out candle jar

Step 6

After they're all clean we put them away before reusing them again to make more candles. They also make for great succulent planters, or holders for coffee, spices or any other item!

Succulents in candle jars

 Succulents in amber candle jar

We hope this gives you inspiration to go and try for yourself!