My inspiration came from the man who taught me what superior craftsmanship looked like. A father, a pharmacist, and a jack of all trades, my dad Benjamin cultivated a strong sense of creativity in me from an early age, encouraging me to try many crafts and enabling me to grow confident in each one.

As someone with psoriasis, my interest in handmade soap grew from reading about its benefits. It wasn't long before I wanted to create other organic and safe products for people and the environment. Working with my hands became my passion, and when my father passed, I knew his name and memory would become part of the business I was building.

At Benjamin Roe, we create locally-sourced, small-batch artisanal goods using vintage apothecary jars just like my father did in his pharmacy. From artisan soaps and soy candles to other fragranced products, we believe in the natural goodness of organic ingredients that give back to the earth. We are so grateful for the response from our growing community and the rising appreciation for what we do at Benjamin Roe. Every day, we remain committed to the finest craftsmanship, nurturing our creativity, and fostering community.

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