About Us

Hello! My name is Greg Monette and I started Benjamin Roe at the beginning of 2017 as a remembrance to my father who passed away in 2016.


After my father passed, I had not been working at the time and was looking for an outlet for my frustration and grief. Something to keep my mind off things. I have psoriasis and remember seeing an article online that praised hand made soap and the benefits it could have for those with psoriasis. I thought, great! This is perfect. I hadn't had the best luck with store bought soaps and decided to give it a try. Granted, the first batch I made was not a successful one. Defeated and discouraged, I moved on to woodworking and candle making. Fast forward a couple of months and I gave soap making another try. This time around the finished product was much more successful. Soap, in combination with candles and some woodworking was the beginning of what Benjamin Roe would become. I have now added to the collection of products offered and will continue to do so.


At Benjamin Roe we value the importance of the environment and damage we as humans have inflicted on our wonderful planet. All of our products are created from renewable/sustainable resources and have recyclable packaging. We encourage our customers to reuse the containers our products come in or recycle them!




You can read a more in-depth history about myself and my inspirations HERE.